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As a successful commercial songwriter/producer, Preston Glass has few equals, and fewer who surpass. BMI tallies 567 fanglasstic titles, so the bar is high and still rising.  Glass, of New Orleans musical heritage, also teaches music, as did his grandfather and mother. Through UCLA he offers Glassology to a savvy generation of tin pan hopefuls, as he gladly shares his tricks and trademarks.  Truly the renaissance writer/producer, he ably performs his own musical tracks, arranges, mixes, and writes lyrics and melodies.

Forging hit after illustrious hit, Professor Glass often gleans the best from himself in collaborations.  His inspired #1 SMASH, "Miss You Like Crazy", paired him with Michael Maser and Gerry Goffin.  Their Natalie Cole recording garnered the coveted BMI Million-Air Award, and keeps on going....He also penned the Glassic Million-Air, "Don't Make Me Wait For Love" for Kenny G, another evergreen. Glass's glistening production is also imprinted on G's breakout landmark, "Song Bird".  Earth, Wind & Fire strode to #1 on his "System Of Survival" production. A third Million-Air Award was bestowed on Aretha Franklin's "Who's Zoomin' Who", a co-write with Narada Michael Walden. Additional BMI Awards were lauded on his glassical cuts, "Jimmy Lee"/Aretha and "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off"/Jermain Stewart. In Europe, Glass is recognized by his Brit Awards Song Of the Year nominated "Sweetness", a #1 UK hit for Michelle Gayle.

In Film and television exploitations, "Acapulco Heat" used Glassophonic music recurrently.  "Big Bully", starring Tom Arnold and Rick Moranis, utilizes the Glassingle, "You Were My 911".  The Showtime movie, "Right Connections" features five shards of Glass, with "Night Vision" spinning three.  The newly released "Down 'N Dirty" soundtrack LP serves up seven songs while Glass co-produced the entire album. His "Shout Of The Streets" is the closing theme of "Original Gangstas".  Additional film and TV producers that have gone to Glass for cuts include, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Quincy Jones, Sidney Poitier, and Jeff Franklin.

Recent chart action proves that Glass is truly Mr. Eveready. The Brian Culbertson/Atlantic Top 10 LP, "Somethin' 'Bout Love" features the smooth-as-Glass track "Sittin'" Back" and has charted for 45+ weeks. Glass is Top 10, again, by Norman Conners/Capitol-Right Stuff on his "Eternity " LP with the Glass-penned single, "You Can't Hurt Me Anymore".  Yet another new face Glassed up in lights, the hip-hop/top 40 pop act, SOULDECISION, bubbled up to #1 on Billboard's Heatseekers with the LP "No One Does It Better". The LP features chiseled Glass on, "Feelin' You". With Christina Aguilera and N'Sync tours rolling for the newcomers, they are bound to bubble higher.           

Nu Skool Joyntz from Professor Glass include theme work and music supervision for an animation by Hand In Hand Productions, "The Ironheads", and a Bryville Productions work, "High Caliber", by scriptwriter, Gerard Brown ("Juice"). Continuing to Glassify soundtracks, Glass provided music, production, and supervision on the Narcissistic Films feature, "That Summer In LA" slated to street in Fall 2001. Due to out soon, as well, are numerous Glass produced songs with The Dells and Freda Payne.  New tracks are under construction with The Natural Four and a three-peat by the legendary Earth, Wind & Fire.

Timeless Glassics have, in all, chalked up 30+ Top10 R&B Hits, 5 Top10 Pop Hits, and 5 BMI Award Winning Songs. If that is not Glasstronomical enough, Natalie Cole and George Benson both feature a Blast from Glass in their just released “Best Of’s”. So, if you want a Hit, the Bomb, an Evergreen, or some heavy metal like, say Gold or Platinum, just check out the Glassifieds for another "Hall of Game" track, 'cause Preston, well... he got.....